Our Capabilities

We offer capabilities in the following areas --

  • Custom Virtual tour photography and presentation. 
    This content can be provided as supplemental material to complement an existing web.
  • Google Business View virtual tours of your business.
    We are a Google Trusted Independent Photographer
  • 360 Product Views No object to big or to small.
  • High quality photography and photo editing.
  • Custom web site design
  • Graphic design

These areas of expertise can be mixed and matched to meet whatever needs the customer may have, from a minor web tune up to a complete make-over. Call us to discuss your ideas.

Virtual tour photography is available in distinctly different formats.

DV Digital 360 logo

HR HDR Spherical -
High Resolution High Dynamic Range Spherical Imagery
This is high quality full screen immersive imagery, High resolution allows for full screen displays while high dynamic range captures more shadow / highlight detail than is possible with standard photography. Click for example.

DV Digital Mega View logo Mega View - High Definition Image
High definition imagery is an image that can be up to several hundred megapixles in size. This allows for large scale prints with sharp detail. Click for example.
DV Digital Pan logo
Cylindrical Panorama
The choice to not show sky or pavement might be made to conserve download bandwidth but still deliver a high quality image.
Click for example.

Both Spherical and Cylindrical formats are usually 360 degrees of panoramic coverage but both can be limited to partial coverage. Each scene to be photographed is evaluated based on either scene content or customer requirements.  Scene formats can be mixed and matched on a web site to convey the necessary information to the viewer. For instance if there is nothing of interest either high or low in the scene we might select Cylindrical imagery.

The ability to provide a virtual tour is infinitely extensible.  The tour can be hot-spot linked to a map or just a scene selection list. The scene links allow the viewer to easily navigate the tour.  If the tour contains enough positions such that the viewer can see the next position from the current position the scenes can be hot-spot interlinked. This allows the viewer to move from scene to scene exploring the virtual tour world. Hot-spots can also be placed on objects within a scene to provide either more information or a more detailed view of an object.

High quality photography and photo editing

If there happens to be something in your tour scene that's not quite right we can most likely adjust it by post processing the photos back in the lab. Things like removing a crack in the wall a spot on the rug or a security camera. Below are some simple examples of what can be done.

Before & after views of a 5th Wheel camper.
The original photos were taken in a local parking lot. To better display the product, the camper was relocated to the shore of Lake Superior without the transportation expense.





Notice the view of the lake through the cab of the truck.

Real estate marketing Before & After



Real estate interior photography. Notice the lighting & ultra wide angle of inclusion.

bath example

kitchen example

Hopefully we can be of assistance to your marketing strategy. Call us.